Betsy Rouse

Betsy Rouse


Betsy’s journey began while attending Athens State University, where she gained valuable experience working for a certified public accountant in Huntsville. After graduation, she continued her career in public accounting before joining Samples Properties in 1986.

In her role as Director of Finance, Betsy oversees the accounting department, seamlessly integrating all areas of finance to provide comprehensive property management and accounting services for single and multi-tenant properties. Her responsibilities include preparing annual operating budgets, generating monthly and/or quarterly reports, and compiling year-end tax information for investors. Currently, the accounting department services over 40 different ownership groups under Betsy’s expert guidance.

Betsy’s expertise extends beyond financial management. She collaborates with owners, tenants, and financial institutions on multiple property transactions, development budgets, process draw requests, and establishing bank relations. Additionally, once projects are placed in service, Betsy serves as the point of contact for rental payments and lease administration duties.

With her dedication to financial excellence and her commitment to client satisfaction, Betsy Rouse is an invaluable asset to Samples Properties, ensuring the success of every project and transaction.

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