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Property Management

We are Commercial Property Management Experts

Our history of property management dates back to the inception of Cummings Research Park. From then to today, our dedicated team of experienced commercial property managers maximizes the potential of your assets. Effective commercial property maintenance ensures that your properties remain in top condition, enhancing their appeal and longevity. 


The Sample’s commitment to proactive property management solutions means we address issues swiftly and work tirelessly to prevent them, providing you with peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your business. 


  • Analysis of Data and a Customized Plan

  • Tenant Improvements, Relations and Retention

  • Lease Administration and Compliance

  • Maintenance and Repairs

Our Property Management Approach

Property Management

Management Solutions

Tailored Property Management Strategies

Integration with Other Services is KEY

We combine property management and brokerage seamlessly, allowing your assets to flourish under expert guidance. With investments backed by expert property management, your portfolio’s growth has unlimited potential. Our leasing and property management solutions streamline the process, optimizing your returns and ensuring tenant satisfaction. Our ability to sync with multiple platforms sets us apart, ensuring your investment strategy is as dynamic and flexible as the ever-evolving real estate market.

Why Choose Samples?

The Samples Property team maximizes rental income and implements innovative strategies to ensure your property reaches its full revenue potential. We are dedicated to minimizing vacancy rates and keeping your spaces occupied and profitable. We are committed to crafting customized property management plans tailored to your needs.

With our in-house accounting services, your financials are handled with precision and care, offering you peace of mind. Additionally, our expertise in Facility Management ensures that your property looks great and operates smoothly, enhancing its overall value. We are your one-stop shop for top-notch property management in North Alabama.